Publishing                    :||:                 Distribution      

We provide instruction and help  you prepare for the Publishing Process. We'll build with  you using the tools and brand infrastructure you'll need to have in place to organize your music catalogue for distribution.

This is it. The BIG moment. You finally are ready to present your music to the world. Your artist image depends entirely on THIS moment.
 No pressure, Right?

IF you have gone through our Publishing process prior to this step,
then you'll feel confident in knowing you have put in the work necessary to have the impact and trajectory desired.


Mobile Studio Recording Sessions

On-Site Mobile Recordings, We come to you with our mobile Studio Gear! Great for Audiobooks, Podcasts, Live Recordings, and more!

Ask about session Drum Tracks & Remote Production, Mixing & Mastering!

Brand Identity Design 

Let us help you craft your brand, your story, and the respective graphic designs, and branding image you need to be successful.

Graphic Designs 

100% Custom made designs for any needs you have. Print and Digital.

Online Presence, SEO, & Social Media Optimization

Setting up the infrastructure needed for any online presence

Something we missed? No problem

Simply get in touch with us to create your  customized project!